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The Catholic Feminist

May 15, 2019

It’s what we’re told to do without ceasing. It’s my first recommendation for any struggle. It’s at times the only thing we know to do. But…why does cultivating a prayer life feel so freaking hard sometimes?

Because to be honest, the Rosary can feel SO dry. I want to snuggle up with my Bible and a candle and coffee but, um, my kids wake up at 6:30 and if I don’t workout beforehand I feel like a lunatic all day. I love the idea of having this really steady prayer routine but I just struggle to really crank it out. When I was a FOCUS missionary, I did a daily holy hour, but these days, I’m lucky to get in 15 solid minutes of chitchat time with Jesus. That’s partly why I dubbed 2019 my year of prayer: I want to positively drench my life, family, vocation, and days in prayer. But…aren’t I supposed to WANT to pray? How come half the time I get ready to pray I just feel totally blah?

Today’s guest, speaker and author Chika Anyanwu, chats with me about all things prayer. We talk about what our prayer lives look like, how to get over that “have to” syndrome, and why people hate the phrase #ThoughtsAndPrayers. It’s truly one of my favorite conversations I’ve had on the show and I hope it resonates with you today.

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