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The Catholic Feminist

Jul 31, 2019

When Jesus told us to welcome the stranger, He meant it. That’s a principle that today’s guest, Andrea Mendoza, is truly living out. She volunteers with immigrants within our country and helps provide them with basic necessities that enable them to live out their dignity. Andrea is also sharing her own parents’ story of living in our country undocumented for years. 

Andrea will truly inspire you, but what I love most about her is the way she has turned her passion and empathy into real, concrete action. She’s out there on the frontlines, not in a glamorous spokesperson-CSPAN-Good Morning America type way, but really getting her hands dirty and doing the work. As many people enter the US for a wide variety of reasons, we often focus on the (very important!) policies that affect them instead of focusing on the literal human person who has basic needs. Enjoy our conversation! 

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