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The Catholic Feminist

Oct 3, 2018

This spring, Ireland voted to appeal the 8th amendment that had been banning abortion. That means one of the last pro-life countries now embraces abortion and while that sounds tragic (it is), I’m so excited to be bringing you a conversation that might actually uplift your heart.


Kate Bryan is a communications strategist who was boots-on-the-ground in Ireland during the vote. You’ll be so empowered after hearing about the small and mighty team that worked tirelessly to try and keep abortion out of Ireland. When she talks about how they felt the morning after the vote, you’ll feel more encouraged than ever and hopefully be inspired to take on the pro-life cause in your own unique way. 


Are we “losing” the pro-life/pro-choice battle? Eh. It can feel that way. But is it even a battle, or just a constant call to love our neighbor? Why are so many women drawn to abortion in the first place? Why is our culture failing them? These are the bigger questions that women like Kate are asking and it was an honor to have her on our show. We also chat about how her mom inspired her to be a feminist, why Catholics need to embrace their courageous side, and how structure is bringing her so much closer to God. Enjoy!


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