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The Catholic Feminist

Oct 10, 2018

“Your life is too short to be this miserable this much of the time.”

That’s what today’s guest’s husband told her + it inspired her to start her own shop. Jill Simons is the founder of Pink Salt Riot, and y’all know how much I love interviewing Catholic makers. Jill + I are talking all about revolutionary joy—how we can find hope in the midst of a world that’s full of suffering. It can seem kind of silly or shallow to take such pleasure in things like pretty art, but as we’ve discussed many times on this show, sometimes earthly pleasures can truly point us more towards God. When we’re stopping and feeling a sense of awe at beauty, happiness, and light, we’re celebrating the gift of life He’s given us, which in turn should empower us to improve the lives of others. We also talk about Jill’s entrepreneurial spirit, mistakes she sees Catholic small business owners making, and the difference between a “business” and a “hobby”. And of course, we tackle that age-old idea of “Am I a jerk for trying to make money?” Enjoy! 

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