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The Catholic Feminist

Feb 27, 2019

As I’ve said on the show many times before, Dorothy Day is a huge inspiration of mine + was one of the catalysts that caused me to start this podcast. That’s one of the reasons I was so excited to have Shannon Evans on the show to talk about her experience working in Catholic Worker houses, a movement that was founded by Dorothy Day. But Shannon and I also dive deep into adoption, embracing our weaknesses, why people are so afraid of the phrase “social justice”, and what it means to truly operate as part of the larger body of Christ. Also, I loved her insight on her shifting view of “doing ministry”, specifically in the context of my own life. I share with her what I feel like God’s been saying to me lately and how it’s leaving me struggling to understand which direction He wants me to walk in. Overall, it was such a joy to chat with Shannon and I hope you enjoy our chat!

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