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The Catholic Feminist

Apr 3, 2019

“Fragility makes us strong. You can't be sensitive to other people's needs or aware of what's going on without you unless you have a certain amount of fragility. You have to be able to be moved by the people around you." That's just ONE of the many mic drops on today's episode. Sara Racicot and Noel Hrnchir are the co-hosts of Way of the Wildflowers, a podcast for women. When you hear women compared to flowers, it's easy to roll your eyes'we're not fragile! We're tough and strong and fierce and formidable! But when Sara and Noel explain their passion for blooming where you're planted and feeling impacted by others, you'll feel a whole new passion for living like a wildflower. We also chat about why the Church needs women in all walks of life, the essentialness of vulnerability, Noel's tips for flourishing in your faith at a public university, and what's been bringing the pair closer to God. Enjoy!

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