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The Catholic Feminist

Mar 24, 2021

Follow: Logging Out and Leaning In, a serial non-fiction book available only to Letters subscribers.

You’re probably reading this on your cell phone. And just before you read this, you probably saw something else that made you mad. A controversial hot take. A perfectly-primped-and-primed mom influencer with her five children in identical rust-toned overalls. A “Christian” influencer holding not-so-Christian opinions.

Follow is an 9-part serialized book that’s equal parts hope-filled invitation and steadfast anthem to find freedom from social media practices that are hurting our souls and crushing our spiritual lives.

Because following Jesus doesn’t take place on a cell phone. You don’t have to give in to the cultural captivity of social media. Follow will help Catholics everywhere step forward into faith by logging out of the echo chamber and leaning in to the world around us—the kingdom gift we’ve been given.

Follow will be available to all subscribers to our Substack newsletter, Letters from a Catholic Feminist, and released in serial form. I’m living out my lifelong dream of publishing how Charles Dickens and Louisa May Alcott did—piece by piece. From April to December, Letters subscribers will receive a chapter of Follow, as well as a worksheet to help themselves narrow in on how they want to use (or not use) social media to bring about the kingdom of God. Get signed up today by subscribing to Letters From a Catholic Feminist at the