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The Catholic Feminist

Jun 19, 2019

“And we will love naturally, we will try to do something. First in our own home, next door neighbor in the country we live, in the whole world.” - Mother Teresa. I love Mama T so much I named a baby after her, and this quote is one of the reasons why. It’s a commonly-told anecdote that when people asked her how they could change the world like she was doing, she told them to go home and love their families. The family is truly the bedrock of our Christian faith, and although volunteering and donating and going to the margins are all essential, I truly believe that loving your family is the number one most effective way to have an impact for the Gospel. 


Today’s podcast guest, Brianna Johnston Hanks, is an attorney who works with families affected by foster care. When we think of foster care, we may have a picture in our head: selfless individuals who accept poor, needy kids into their homes and then go all Daddy-Warbucks on ‘em.  But the truth is, foster care is a complex, nuanced issues with lots of hope + lots of heartbreak. Brianna is walking us through what foster care is for, how to discern if you’re ready to foster, and why foster care is an issue that needs to be discussed more among Catholics. It was truly an eye-opening conversation for me—to learn about how foster care is focused on the reunification of families and is meant to help families stay together reminded me so much of some of the core tenants of our faith. The same way we care about kids on our border, let’s care about kids in our own communities who are experiencing the heartbreak of family separation and the people who have stepped up to stand in the gap with them. Enjoy our chat! 

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