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The Catholic Feminist

Jul 17, 2019

Let’s talk about hormonal birth control. The fact that most Catholic women are on it, and the fact that few of us know what it even does. 

Today’s podcast guest, Sarah Tramonte, is a registered nurse + an NFP instructor. Sarah walks us through what the heck birth control even does, why it’s SO frequently prescribed, if there’s ever an occasion where it might be the right choice for a non sexually-active person (her answer may surprise you!) and whether or not it’s really an abortifacient. 🤯 Sarah and I also talk WHY so many Catholic women have turned to hormonal birth control. There’s a severe lack of education in both our schools and pre-cana classes to teach women how fertility works and what a period should even look like. This lack of emphasis on such an important part of women’s health is, IMHO, a glaring spot of sexism within our healthcare industry. Sarah + I talk about why she loves Marquette and who that method is right for, as well as what to do if you just consistently feel like NFP DOESN’T WORK for you. 😥

Above all, I hope this episode encourages you to take time to learn about your fertility. Whether you’re single, have seven kids, or somewhere in between, understanding your cycle and this aspect of your womanhood is vital (literally, Sarah says your fertility should be considered a vital sign like your blood pressure or temperature). Enjoy!

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