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The Catholic Feminist

Aug 28, 2019

Do you ever feel like your relationship with Jesus is…polite? Yes, thank you, I’m sorry, and that’s about it? Today’s guest, Kathryn Whitaker, talks about how part of her conversion to the Catholic faith involved deconstructing her boundaries with Jesus, and how one of the results of a deeper faith is implementing boundaries with others. Kathryn walks us through how to only say yes when it’s a “hell yes” and how to STOP feeling guilty about that “no”. We also talk about her new book, Live Big Love Bigger, and how a BBQ pilgrimage helped her family grow closer together. (If you’re wondering what the hell a BBQ pilgrimage is…come closer, my sweet non-Texan listeners. Let me tell you about a faraway land down south.) I absolutely loved hearing Kathryn’s wisdom and think this episode is perfect for anyone struggling with a full plate, a fatigued heart, and a lack of white space. Enjoy! 

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