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The Catholic Feminist

Jul 1, 2020

Let’s talk about sex, baby 🎶😂

Today on the show we welcome back Dr. Monique Ruberu, a Catholic wife, mother, and OBGYN. Monique is chatting with us all about how false chastity teachings can damage intimacy in marriage, what to do if intercourse is painful for you, and what it’s like being a doctor during COVID. Pour a glass of wine and settle into your couch, because this is some serious girl talk with a medical resource here to educate us! I have spent many an evening talking to a girlfriend about intimacy within her marriage (…and if any of their husbands are reading this…just be glad your wife has such close friends 🙃) and it was so informative to have a Catholic OBGYN to chat with about why so many women struggle with physical intimacy. We also talk about organic tampons and Game of Thrones—yes, you read that right. Enjoy!

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