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The Catholic Feminist

Jul 15, 2020

We're told that we can't look away from problems of the world: we must be knee-deep in activism at all times, constantly aware...but is it okay to step back? To let things sink in before responding in a flash?

Heck yes says today's podcast guest. Maribel Rodriguez Laguna is a therapist on the board of the Catholic Psychotherapy Association. We chat about why burnout occurs, why so many "wounded healers" enter ministry and mission work, and why there's *still* so much stigma around mental health issues in Catholicism. Her insight on the history of the field of psychology is so interesting, and I love what she has to say about knowing when it's time to seek counseling. This episode is perfect for anyone who feels they may want to take the leap and try therapy, as well as anyone who feels a little "ehhh" about the field of psychology. Enjoy!

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