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The Catholic Feminist

Jul 29, 2020

Jesus hung out with the poor. But you know who funds Catholic Relief Services, builds the churches, donates the food, influences the culture?

The rich, friend. If you have greater than $4,000 in property or your bank account, congratulations—you’re in the top 50% of wealth owners in the world.

Today’s guest is Elena Nunez Murdock, a passionate Latina and entrepreneur whose new company, Mission 2 Launch, helps Catholics transform their careers. Elena and I are talking all about wealth: is it bad? Can we have it? Can we strive for it? Can we be capitalists? I absolutely love Elena’s insight on the importance of being bold, chasing your dreams, and viewing money as a tool for either good or evil. I also really appreciate her passion for diversity and her focus on having a company that represents the universality of the church. Enjoy!

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