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The Catholic Feminist

May 16, 2018

When I launched the podcast, I had a dream of interviewing some of my own personal heroes. I’m so lucky that the Catholic Feminist has afforded me the chance to interview women like Abby Johnson, Audrey Assad, and Sr. Virginia Joy—all interview subjects that were on my “dream guest” list. Today’s podcast guest was dream number 1: Professor Helen Alvare. 

When I saw Professor Alvare speak at the SEEK conference in 2013, she completely rocked my world. Professor Alvare is a lawyer, mom, frequent guest on news shows, and advocate for women. As the founder of, she’s done everything from writing amicus briefs on the Hobby Lobby religious freedom case to raising a Catholic family. Today on the show, Professor Alvare breaks down what the real war on women is, the definition of religious freedom, and why culture is more important than law. It was an honor to have her on the show and I hope you enjoy our chat!

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