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The Catholic Feminist

Jun 6, 2018

So...WHY can't women be priests?

After abortion, this is probably the largest reason secular feminists don't think Catholic feminists are in the "club". We claim membership to an institution with a male-only leadership model. But...does that mean we can't be feminists? Why CAN'T women be priests? Is these a fruitful conversation? Is the reason women can't be priests because we wouldn't be "good" at it? Can you be in a Church where you struggle with some of the teachings? We talk about all this and more on the podcast today with Emily Archer, a blogger from FemCatholic. Emily talks about why she's always struggled with this Church teaching, what she's learned when doing research for the blog, and how she remains in a Church that talks a tough talk. This episode was particularly important to me as this is a topic I get asked about a lot, and I don't always know how to answer. I hope you enjoy our conversation and that you feel seen, known, and understood.

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