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The Catholic Feminist

Jul 26, 2017

Jesus tells us not to worry about money, right? And the rich man is supposed to give everything he has to the poor. But how do we balance these true, beautiful Bible stories with a real need to, um…pay off student loans, save up for a house, donate money, buy sustainable clothing, put food on the table, etc.? Today’s podcast guest, Amanda Teixeira has the answer. Amanda talks all about why Catholics should care about their bank accounts, why it isn’t unbiblical to care about money, and how you can take small steps today that will pay off in your financial future. This episode is perfect for anyone struggling to pay off debt, wondering when they’ll ever get the chance to give as much as they’d like to, or wishing they could reconcile a prudent desire to save with a concern that they’re over-obsessed with finances. I can’t wait for you to tune in! Today's episode is sponsored by Prep Dish, the easy-to-use meal planning subscription service. Go to and enter TCF for a free trial. For more information, head to