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The Catholic Feminist

May 24, 2017

Today on the podcast I’m speaking with Rosario Rodriguez, an inspirational speaker. Rosario has survived two violent assaults—she was attacked by a serial rapist in high school, and then in her early adult years was mugged and shot on the streets of Los Angeles. Her story is amazing, but what’s really beautiful about it is her heart of forgiveness. In today’s society, forgiveness is often seen as weak. It’s even seen as anti-feminist sometimes. I mean, forgiving a man who’s committed sexual assault?! Aren’t they the worst kind of evil? While the act is horrendous, Jesus has given us clear instructions to show the same amount of mercy that we expect in return. This counter-cultural idea is pretty crazy, but hearing Rosario tell her story and express her heart has been so eye-opening for me. Enjoy! (Also: this episode may not be appropriate for little ears, as we do describe some violence.) For more information, head to