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The Catholic Feminist

Aug 2, 2017

Today on the podcast we’re speaking with Carrie Archual of the Theology of the Body Institute! Carrie is speaking with us about TOB and what it says about men vs. women. We also talk about her two miscarriages and how we as Catholics should respond to this tragedy. Lastly, we discuss PPD and the effect its had on her life and her family. These are some taboo topics that I was honored to speak with Carrie about. I mean, think about it—if we believe abortion is a child dying…we should believe the same about miscarriage. We should properly mourn miscarried babies and support our friends going through this tragedy, but instead, we usually just feel uncomfortable talking about it. I was so grateful that Carrie was vulnerable and honest, and it was a pleasure to speak with her. For more info, head to