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The Catholic Feminist

Jul 29, 2020

Jesus hung out with the poor. But you know who funds Catholic Relief Services, builds the churches, donates the food, influences the culture?

The rich, friend. If you have greater than $4,000 in property or your bank account, congratulations—you’re in the top 50% of wealth owners in the world.

Today’s guest is...

Jul 22, 2020

During COVID, are you spending a lot more time online than usual? If so...who are you paying attention to? Your IRL friends? Popular Catholic speakers? Are they diverse in thought and culture? Are they intelligent? Are they funny? Do they speak to people with charity?

Today's guest is Sam Povlock, an online-turned-real...

Jul 15, 2020

We're told that we can't look away from problems of the world: we must be knee-deep in activism at all times, constantly aware...but is it okay to step back? To let things sink in before responding in a flash?

Heck yes says today's podcast guest. Maribel Rodriguez Laguna is a therapist on the board of the Catholic...

Jul 8, 2020

Real healing is not a passive process. It’s active. It requires bravery. It requires leaning in. It requires vulnerability.

These are things we know but fail to act on. We’d rather drown our sorrows in #hustling, in alcohol, in social media pseudo justice. Especially when the hurt came from the church or its...

Jul 1, 2020

Let’s talk about sex, baby 🎶😂

Today on the show we welcome back Dr. Monique Ruberu, a Catholic wife, mother, and OBGYN. Monique is chatting with us all about how false chastity teachings can damage intimacy in marriage, what to do if intercourse is painful for you, and what it’s like being a doctor during...