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The Catholic Feminist

Jun 12, 2019

How come we never hear priests talking about race from the pulpit? 


I mean, maybe YOU do. But I’m pretty sure I literally never have. And that’s not ok. It’s a social issue plaguing our society, the same as other topics I hear about frequently, like abortion, poverty, and murder (the gang activity in Milwaukee, y’all. Fix it Jesus.) I have my theories. So does today’s guest, Danielle Brown. Danielle is the associate director of the USCCB’s Committee Against Racism. She’s breaking down WHAT exactly racism is, why we have such a hard time talking about it, and the importance of “having a life that reflects the diversity that the Lord created on Earth.” Danielle talks about growing up in a monochromatic Church and how her faith changed when she connected with other Black Catholics. She also shares what white Catholics can do to serve as effective allies. It was a phenomenal conversation and I know you’ll enjoy listening just as much as I enjoyed having it!

BTW, the audio in this episode is a little lower than our usual production quality—my apologies. We had a few tech issues and as you’ll hear me explain in the episode…A MOUSE JUMPED OUT AT ME HALFWAY THROUGH RECORDING. So during the episode when you hear my typing, I am FRANTICALLY texting my husband to come home over lunch and set up mouse traps. 😂 (I did edit out when I shrieked OH MY GOD, though. Apologies to the Lord for taking his name in vein. But some of his creatures are nasty.) 

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