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The Catholic Feminist

Sep 18, 2019

CRAPPY ADVICE: To be a good disciple, you need to sell everything in your house, grab a knapsack, and become a missionary somewhere. 

GREAT ADVICE: Discipleship does not have to be a formal ministry program, involve selling your iPhone, and happens when people are UNAFRAID.

Today’s guest, Katie Prejean McGrady, is a Catholic speaker who’s one of our most requested guests. She’s the author of multiple books, a wife + mama, and has some #THOUGHTS on how to be a disciple as a modern-day feminist. We know we should “follow Jesus” but it’s not like we can pull up our GPS, or even 10 Steps to Living a Life for Christ. It seems so simple: Blessed are the meak! Care for the least of these! Raise up other disciples! But when you add a splash of real-life, it suddenly looks much more complex. But living the life of a disciple is the greatest adventure you’ll ever go on.

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