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The Catholic Feminist

Nov 13, 2019

Every single one of us has a story. A story of learning and relearning God, a story of breaking down barriers and building up good, healthy walls, a story of walking along a path to what we believe. Sharing these stories to help spread the faith is what Julianne Miles does on her podcast, Mystery Through Manners, and on her NEW daily podcast, Ruah Storytellers, which will air during Advent. Jules and I are chatting today about the importance of stories, the impact the stories of others have had in our own lives, aaaaand we also nerd out on what podcasts we’ve been listening to lately because get two podcasters in a virtual room and you KNOW that’s going to come up. This season, let’s look past the statistics and see the stories of the people behind them to help identify the true dignity God has given each and every one of us. Amen?


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