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The Catholic Feminist

Jun 24, 2020

Can I be honest for a sec? Sometimes, when I hear about people leading entire marches or writing important policies or starting non-profits, I start to wonder if what I do is insignificant. I know that’s not a very feminist thought—how often on here do we talk about different women having different callings?! But that doesn’t mean the thought doesn’t bop through my head now and then. All I do is write children’s books and potty train toddlers and talk about Jesus, I think. How am I contributing to the world?

So I had to ask today’s guest, folk singer Marie Miller, if she’s ever felt that way. I loved the way she broke down why beauty is so important even in extremely difficult times. We also talked about why she decided to ditch her large record label, what it’s like to change your tune literally and figuratively, and why “little dreams” are sometimes the most important things we can chase. Enjoy! (And then go download her new album because I can NOT stop listening to it!)

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