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The Catholic Feminist

Jul 22, 2020

During COVID, are you spending a lot more time online than usual? If so...who are you paying attention to? Your IRL friends? Popular Catholic speakers? Are they diverse in thought and culture? Are they intelligent? Are they funny? Do they speak to people with charity?

Today's guest is Sam Povlock, an online-turned-real friend and the founder of FemCatholic. Sam was on the show before a million years ago but I'm thrilled to have her back to talk about her new online community, FIAT. We also discuss how listening has been bringing her closer to God lately and why she thinks women utilizing their own unique gifts is what will truly change the world. I also enjoyed chatting with her about the word feminist: why is it so inflammatory? Should it be? If you still have hesitations about calling yourself a feminist or if people you know to be perfectly pleasant turn into...less-than-charitable-children-of-God online, this is the perfect episode for you!

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