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The Catholic Feminist

Sep 26, 2018

Being a woman is a particular experience. Being Mexican-American is a particular experience. But being a Mexican-American woman is its own unique experience. And that’s what our guest today is here to discuss!


Daniela Kopado is a medical student in Texas who’s bringing some wit + wisdom about intersectional feminism to the table. Intersectional feminism is understanding how different aspects of your life intersect to create unique traits and marginalization. Every single human being is made by God + designed by Him, and it’s important not to view people as a monolith. By embracing intersectional feminism, we start to see women as individuals who bring different experiences, strengths, and needs to the table.


We also chat about WHY diversity is so important, the beauty of her multiracial relationship and what she and her boyfriend have learned from each other, why we think priests NEED to be talking about racism from the pulpit, and how one diocese is rockin’ it with its vibrant, diverse community. (Hi Houston!)


PS: Today’s audio quality is not up to my usual standards due to some technical issues. They’ve been sorted out and next episode will be back to 100% normal, but I apologize if it’s a bit “blippy”! 


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