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The Catholic Feminist

Jul 5, 2017

Is marriage a feminist vocation? Today’s guest certainly thinks so! We’re talking to Ana Glaze, one half of That Catholic Couple on YouTube. She and her husband share daily vlogs for their fans (hey doughnut squad!) about life as a fun, faithful Catholic couple. Ana beautifully shares why she and her husband started vlogging, how to keep marriage a vocation instead of an idol, how she balances being a strong wife with that awkward Bible verse about listening to your husband, how her own fractured relationship with her father has affected her marriage, and the importance of weekly family meetings. We also talk about the beauty of counseling and the impact therapy has made in Ana’s life. Ana is hilarious, smart, and super fun to talk to, so I’m honored to share our conversation today! For more information, check out Today’s episode is sponsored by @PrepDish, the easy-to-use meal planning program that makes busy wives’ lives a LOT easier. Head to and use TCF at checkout for a free 2-week trial.