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The Catholic Feminist

May 22, 2019

I’m married to an immigrant. 

Now, he didn’t claim asylum at the border to escape gang activity. His dad won something called a lottery (I always tell people he won it like in Titanic when Jack wins tickets…but that’s not exactly accurate) and his family picked the US over New Zealand. They were escaping something serious, but less immediately deadly: a horrendous economy brought about by years of communism and no opportunities for upward motility in careers. 

Immigration is something everyone has an opinion on. I know the Hot Topic of the Moment is abortion, but it’s interesting to me how many pro life people also care passionately about immigration. As they should. The crisis on the border is truly a pro life issue in that it deals with the dignity of human life. As a fifth minor dies in US custody this week, it’s important to be talking about what life on the border is like and how we can implement effective solutions to make sure our world is a place for all people to thrive. 

Today’s guest is Kelly Griffith, a teacher who formerly worked in a border town. Kelly is sharing her story about what life is REALLY like on the border—beyond the headlines and the pundits and the politicians. She’s breaking down what may surprise you, what it was like when the family separation policy began to be implemented, and how the power of hearing each other’s stories can radically transform our hearts. Enjoy. 

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