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The Catholic Feminist

Dec 12, 2018

Weep with those who weep. St. Paul reminds us in Scripture to participate in the sorrow of others, and today’s guest, Dr. Melissa Mark, is a pediatric oncologist with no shortage of grief. But when I went into today’s interview, I expected to be chatting about how she stays strong and bringing Jesus into dark places. Instead, she blew my mind with her wisdom on why witnessing death is an honor and how Jesus is already present in every place imaginable. We also chat about being a working mom, how she evangelizes in her workplace in an ethical, loving way, and how she makes it work being married to another doctor. WARNING: WE DISCUSS THE MAN IN THE RED SUIT WHO MAY OR MAY NOT COME TO YOUR HOUSE ON DECEMBER 25. Be warned—this episode may spoil some things for those with little ears! Thanks for tuning in to our SEASON TWO FINALE—see you in February!

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